SALTY STORY 03 June 2022 2 min read

Mountain Lake Fishing with La Sime

As every year, my mates and I are impatiently waiting for it, The mountain lake fishing season opening! On this occasion, we take a break from our day-to-day life to lose ourselves in the wilderness of High Alpine lakes.

Going out there, survival-mode turned on, brings an additional pleasure of discovering the magnificence of nature where human beings find theirselves tiny compared to the immensity of the mountainous landscapes. This pleasure isn’t priceless; you really need to pay attention to everything as at this time of the year heavy rains, snowstorms, crumbling or even avalanches can trap you into bad situations.

For this kind of adventure, you need to be meticulous in terms of preparation and be careful not to bring too much and not forget anything in your backpack, as once you’re up there, no chance to turn around. For this kind of journey, you need to bring climbing & fishing materials, food supplies, a tent, a sleeping bag, a small mattress and some warm and waterproof clothing (at night, temperatures fall till -10°C and humidity can be your worst nightmare). I couldn’t have dreamed of better equipment than the Salty Crew Pinnacle outfit to face those extreme weather situations.

29 kilos in the backpack, Let’s go for 5 hours of mountain climbing !
The search of wilderness and preparing myself to face all kind of situations drive my passion for trout fishing in extreme environment.

What is the most exciting is to climb in the snow to reach the lake that has just unfreezed. This year was particularly tough due to the amount of snow that was still up there. Drowning knee high in the snow after every step was kind of an ordeal, but definitely worth it. What a pleasure with fishing conditions.
The quality of this fishing journey was as good as it was difficult. After 4 days, thanks to three different techniques (lure fishing, tense fishing and cork fishing) I’ve tackled more than 50 fishes from 3 different species: Arctic Char, Brown Trout & Cristivomer.

Generally, I release all my catches, but this year due to a snowstorm and fog issues we were constrained to stay an additional night up there and we had not planned enough food for an extra day out. A few arctic chars ended up in our stomach thanks to a good fire, a nice flat stone as a hotplate. In fact this unplanned extra night turned out to a memorable night in a unique landscape.
The weather became more clement the next day and we managed to get back home safe and sound, the head full of memories.

Can’t wait for next year’s journey !

La Sime