SALTY STORY 04 March 2022 2 min read

Marin Larretche

2h40 the alarm clock rings… Boat is filled with fuel and ice. All my stuff are ready since yesterday. The only thing left to do is to meet my two sailor at 3 o’clock at the harbour. We’ll be sailing to the fishing zone with the moon to light up our way.

6 o’clock, winter season, we’re arriving on the first FAD looking for Mahi Mahis. First fin on the FAD, fishing rod in hand, the fight with some dorados is on hand for each of us. The number of mahi mahis on the deck rises as time flies.
At some point, one of the sailors catches a small skip jack with the jigg, decision is made to use it as a living bait. Big line, big hook, our skip jack friend sinks in the depths. 10 minutes pass, we’re bit ! The line races towards the surface, everyone holds his breath before discovering what’s on the end of the line.
A blue marlin jumps on the surface ! We turn on the engine and race towards the fish ! We take all the precaution to keep the luck on our side by settling a Safety line and a big float.
The fish swim at 40km/h and we can see its tail rising 1m above the surface. No doubts possible, we’re fighting against a huge one !

3 nautic miles later, the marlin is still racing and shows no signs of tiredness… On our side, we relieve each other until exhaustion, maneuvers after another, our new friend races in endless circles around the boat… We’re even obliged to lift up the engines to let the lines flowing under the boat. Already 1 hour of relentless fight… Under the encouragement of some other local fishermen ship who just arrived on the zone, we finally end up the fight by harpooning the fish. WE FINALLY MADE IT ! Fish is secured, thanks to the great help of the other fishermen, a 5 meter monster is on the deck !

8h40, as it is impossible to keep on fishing with this giant on board we decide to head up back to the harbour. On our way back to the ground, Marine birds will lead us to catch few dorados to refine our catch of the day.
Special day, special hours ! We’re back to the harbour at noon when a normal day on the sea ends up at sunset.
The rest of team helps us to put the big guy on the platform, we weight him, a beast of 400 kg is on the scale, this is the Fish of a life ! What a start for this new year !

Few pictures with the crew to celebrate the catch and we’re off for a surf with the boys to enjoy the last light of the day at our home spot, a nice little beach break.
We’ll be granted by some nice little visions under the lip and few air above the lip.

Sunset, it’s time to head back home and enjoy some mahi mahi fillet in the charming company of my Doudou.