SALTY STORY 29 April 2022 1 min read

Lander Sanchez

When we’ve asked Lander if he’d prefer being on a surfboard or underwater spearfishing, we saw that answering that question wasn’t as easy as it seemed. To him both activities are deeply connected as spearfishing and free-diving helped finding his place in extreme surf conditions. Both activities became the two main pillars in his life and choosing between one of them was simply impossible.
It all started in his teenage years, when Lander decided to confront himself with the solid swells that hit the Cantabrian coasts during winter awakening waves like Meñakoz and La Galea. Spearfishing became the perfect activity to learn how to hold his breath and remain calm under water. Two vitals qualities when it comes to overcome critical big waves surfing situation.
It even came to a point where Lander prefers to be in the water when the sea “makes its natural selection” as he says. The more hostile the conditions are, the deeper he goes and the more exciting and greater is the challenge of coming up with a catch.
The same goes for surfing. His feeling of being connected with the ocean is proportional to how he feels uncertain on what’s going to happen.
MADE OF SEA was born from the dream of Miguel Eguiraun to create an Audiovisual project around the Ocean by treating the subject in a deeper way than just a simple surf film. By growing-up on the Bask and Cantabrian coast and being a waves enthusiast, and above all, by what is hidden under the surface of the sea, it became obvious that our Salty Crew Ambassador would be the subject of this short documentary.
This film aims to highlight how the sea can forge the path of a person growing between winds and tides.