SALTY STORY 23 December 2022 1 min read

Hulow Crew yearly trip along the Loire, France

The Hulow Crew is a bunch of friends who discovered their passion for surfing and fishing on the beaches of Saint-Marc-Sur-Mer in Loire-Atlantique, France. A place far away from the competitions and the excitement of other more broadcasted spots. The lack of waves as an opportunity to discover other types of ride like skateboarding, sailing but also shaping boards or doing mechanics. The Hulow project allows us to express our creativity and to passs down what matters to us : the sharing of good moments between friends and the little treats by the water. It is this desire to share adventures which pushed us to make up and document several trips, on motorcycle, sailboat but also on stand-up paddle!

Grown up at the mouth of the Loire, this legendary river has always had a special flavor for us. Last wild river of France, the Loire is known and recognized for its enormous halieutic potential and the diversity of the species populating it. In 2021, we had raced more than 50km on stand-up paddle through this river, between Saumur and the island of Béhuard, alternating fishing and bivouacs on the banks. Because of the intensity of this first stage and the beauty of the landscapes, we decided to repeat the adventure this year by going even higher, for a course between Amboise and Chinon.

Our latest film "Descente de Loire - Saison 2", second episode of our Loire SUP series, traces this new adventure in the wonderful setting of lure fishing for carnivores on this wild river. The adventure should continue in 2023 since the crew is even more motivated to go further and maybe one day, who knows, we will end up fishing trout at the source of the river ...!