Catch - Care - Share

Catching the fish isn't even half the story.

There is so much that goes on before and after the hook set, the fight, and landing the fish.

From the preparation and planning before hand, the camaraderie and characters involved, and the caring for and sharing of the fish afterwards.

Follow along as we document the rest of the story with Lucas Dirkse, Kyle Pao, and the Southern California Blue Fin Tuna.

Filmed and Edited by James Tull

Catch, Care, Share - EP. 1: So Cal Bluefin Tuna with Lucas Dirkse and Kyle Pao

Catch, Care, Share - EP. 2: Care for your Catch. So Cal Bluefin with Lucas Dirkse

Catch, Care, Share - EP. 3: Share. So Cal Bluefin Poke Bowls and Sashimi with Lucas Dirkse

Catch, Care, Share - EP. 4: The Underrated Tuna: Lime Seared Bonito


Lime Seared and Crusted Bonito


1 Filet of Fresh Bonito

2 Limes

1 Chili Pepper (jalapeno, fresno, or serrano)

2 Limes

Bonito Flakes

Seaweed Seasoning


Place filet of Bonito, sliced chili, and lime juice in a ziploc bag and soak in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. 

Cover a plate with a mixture of bonito flakes and seaweed seasoning. 

Remove fish from marinade and dry off with a paper towel.

Roll the fish on the plate with the seasoning until the filet is completely covered.

Slice filet in ¼ inch pieces and serve with soy sauce and wasabi if desired.

Catch - Care - Share with Benji Brand

In this episode we catch up with Benji Brand on the North Shore of Oahu where he searches and connects with 3 species of bottom fish: Uku, Omilu, and Ulua.

Benji also shares his favorite recipes for Omilu Carpaccio and a Tahitian inspired Peanut Oil Seared Uku with Green Herbs. Watch the episode and you'll get hungry.