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Black Bass ID

Black Bass is a fish native from the United States and Canada. It was imported in Europe at the end of the 18th century. It is a robust and powerful fish which can be very voracious at times and very mistrustful at others. His reproduction period lasts from April till the end of June. It starts as soon as the water gets warmer, so of course, it depends on the size and depth of the lake. It is important not to disturb the Black Bass during this period as he is very vulnerable. Our dear La Sime gave us a few advices about how to catch this fish.


Fishing techniques

There are several fishing techniques for the Black Bass that need to be adapted depending on different factors including geography and weather conditions.


The first one, the soft lure which is one of my favorites. It allows to prospect different areas depending on the weight of the lure. In the weed beds it is preferable to fish with a Texan lure in order to avoid getting hooked. Indeed, this technique consists in integrating the hook in the lure and avoid any possibility of hooking in the weeds. In soft lures you can use fish imitations of all types but also creatures like Craws. These Craws which are imitations of Crayfish are rather useful when the water is cold and it is necessary to gently scrape the bottom in order to irritate fish that are not very active.

Then there are the hard Stickbaits and poppers. These lures produce incredible strikes. This technique is great in shallow lakes or when bass are on the surface. My advice is to use popper in areas where there is a tree or branches in the water very close to the surface: Black Bass loves to hide in crowded areas. Still in the hard lures category, the cranckbaits are perfect to go scratch the bottom of the lake. Also existing: spinnerbaits and chatterbaits which are for me the lures that work all the time with these metal paddles to make the Bass angry. The spinner is for me the "magic" lure when nothing works. There are several weights allowing to fish more or less far and more or less deep. Finally, there is the Frog technique which is simply a frog imitation surface lure that is perfect for fishing weedbeds or lily pads. This technique also triggers incredible attacks.


Pro tips

Weather is of course an important factor to take into account. During strong heat, it is for me preferable to fish in depth or in shaded areas (under branches or other shaded area). On the other hand, with a cloudy or rainy weather, I have very good results with a frog or a surface lure. Speed is also an important element and it is crucial to adapt it : for example when the Black Bass is not very active, fishing with long exposures allows to trigger attacks. Last but not least: the black bass is a fish that can be very active sometimes but also very capricious, do not hesitate to change lure and technique during your session. It can be the key to your fishing trip.

Have Fun ! - La Sime.