Inspired by, obsessed with, and drawn to the sea. For those who find beauty in the sea and feel beautiful in the sea. 



Discover our range of Salty Crew sweatshirts, combining comfort and marine style. Unique
designs and quality materials to accompany you on your adventures at sea or for coastal
relaxation. Explore our sweatshirt collection and adopt the authentic Salty Crew look for a
maritime touch to your outfit!

  • headwear

    Elevate your coastal style with Salty Crew's Headwear Collection.

    A diverse ensemble of hats, full brims, and beanies designed for men, women, and adventurous youth boys!

  • socks

    Step into comfort and style with Salty Crew's Men's Sock Collection- a perfect fusion of durability and coastal vibes! Dive into a world where every step is cushioned in quality and adored with vibrant designs inspired by the ocean.

  • bags

    Our collection of purpose built bags are made to function. Whether you're packing tackle boxes, text books, or tall boys; loading up the long range fleet or making a few casts locally after work, these packs have your back.


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Salty Crew: Find Refuge In The Sea

For the hard workers. The searchers. The risk taking, mistake making, watermen with nothing to prove. For the seafaring, the wax sharing, the grommets, young and old. For the tried and true, who’ve paid their dues, for those who Find Refuge in the Sea.